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I Have Miles To Travel Before My Journey Comes To An End…

ImArvind is a podium dedicated to enlisting almost ‘live’ accounts of my journey’s lived and cherished experiences garnered through the cities of India and even the hinterlands.

The more I discover this country (India), the more I think that more and more needed to be discovered and whatever I have travelled so far are only some drops of a huge ocean; even though I have been travelling for the last 7 years.

India has an enriching history, boasting of so many diverse religions and yes, they impact our existence in many ways- what forms the core of my trips.

Travel makes me modest and while being on my trips, I have come to know that how we occupy only a tiny place in this huge world!

The traveller in me is ever hungry to discover more and more of India and other places and whenever I am on my trips, I get to satisfy myself only to an extent.

And that’s why these adventure trips must continue, they must be taken sooner and quicker with more distance covered and more discovered.

As I would keep undertaking trips, I would keep updating this place to inform you all about various other places, people, history, religions, customs, cuisines and much more.

Stay hooked to my blog for more updates soon!

Arvind Yadav

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