Coldest and Longest Night of Sarchu

It was not our choice to stop at an elevation of over 14,500 ft between the Himalayan mountain passes of BARALACHA LA and LACHLUNG LA. Sarchu was so cold as it was talking to us and saying “Boss aa to gye ho lets check your Aukat (fitness) and endurance”. Many people return to Manali and end their dream of completing the dream journey of Manali to Leh on a bike or by Car. People showing weakness due to mountain sickness, Fever and many more.

After a long trip from Manali (around 8 to 9 hrs), we made a stoppage at Sarchu for one night at Garjha Hill Sight Trekking & Camping camp. They give us a spotless room and worthy administration. nourishment quality was great and staff conduct additionally great. In evenings this is extremely icy and in these conditions, they offered us hot water. The encompassing both inside and outside was appealing and looked after cleanliness.
The camp is located right in the heart of Sarchu. The campsite is close to the highway for easy accessibility.

We reached Sarchu around 8 pm it was already late and very dark we couldn’t see the camps assigned to us. Chilly wind of Himalayan range on our face laughing maybe your journey stop here. As my 2both friends got the symptom of mountain sickness and they started to talk let’s survive this night and if the symptoms continue we will head back to Manali.

It’s not that we are not the strong fact is temperature here averages 0.1 °C. In a year, the average rainfall is 323 mm. which can break anyone sprit for sure. Somehow we said goodnight to all and slept and in the morning saw the Sarchu and its beauty gave us the strength to move forward. Friends were in much better condition after a good sound sleep and we started our journey to Leh leaving behind few groups who stopped at Sarchu and Now returning to Manali.

Sarchu (otherwise called Sir Bhum Chun) is a noteworthy endpoint with rose settlement in the Himalayas on the Leh-Manali Highway, on the limit between Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir) in India. It is arranged between Baralacha La toward the south and Lachulung La toward the north, at a height of 4,290 m (14,070 ft).

The best time to visit Sarchu leh ladakh, is between May and September, as it functions as the starting point for treks to ZANSKAR in LADAKH. The summers in Sarchu are hot and are generally avoided by the tourists. The month of April marks the start of summer season and it lasts until July. Sarchu temperature ranges between 4°C to 25°C during these months.

Hope you enjoy the stay in Sarchu but in my opinion its one of the places I would like to stay few nights and enjoy. Cheers !!


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